I manage online communities (etc)

My friend recently asked me to explain to him exactly what I do.  It turns out that he thought I worked in copyrighting.  With an 'r'.  I don't. I'm a chameleon and it is a challenge to describe my role in a little crinkled nutshell. My experience through life and career lends itself perfectly to digital marketing, to creating and … Continue reading I manage online communities (etc)


Creativity & SEO Blogging

My creativity is a strange thing. Not in a bad way; it is liquid, flowing, constantly moving freely into unexpected places, and full of colour. That's why my Idea Machine service is such an important part of what I do - as much for my client as it is for me! It also means that … Continue reading Creativity & SEO Blogging

Outreach: Blogging for the bigger picture

During 2015 and into 2016 I worked with a bold tech start up who had their eyes on the world. The mothership is still going in a new format but the front end expressions of a handful of their concepts are now offline. In its day, TShare was a fine beast and a welcome creative project amongst the heavier tech documentation that my work … Continue reading Outreach: Blogging for the bigger picture