The Toucan Collective is Rachel and friends. Hello.

I hold no claims to being a social media guru, goddess, master or expert. I don’t believe such a thing exists.

I do however know that I have the experience to help you – the small business, the start-up, the self-employed, the good guy – to understand how your online presence can work much harder for you, from your website content to your social media accounts.

And I eliminate your stress by making that happen through “radness” (apparently).

So no, there are no secret codes or words to share with you.  Just my experience*, patience, and support which will give you a hefty leg up in your social media goals.

*search engines, travel specialists, sewing schools, envelope suppliers, printers, cafes, exhibitions, national press, tech start ups, estate agents, health products, Councils….

Rachel brings value and soul.
~ Esben Møller Nielsen, COO at NMG & Broadcast SIM Services Ltd