I manage online communities (etc)

My friend recently asked me to explain to him exactly what I do.  It turns out that he thought I worked in copyrighting.  With an ‘r’.  I don’t.

I’m a chameleon and it is a challenge to describe my role in a little crinkled nutshell.

My experience through life and career lends itself perfectly to digital marketing, to creating and engaging in conversations, to putting clients at ease, to being capable of doing a little bit of this & a ‘lil bit of that.

Mostly, I manage social media communities which includes customer service and influencer outreach PLUS content management & development. Within this remit, being moderately alright at design/ photography means that I can be reactive to live events and better promote my clients.

This also means less stress on an often strained content supply and minimal lulls in post regularity.

That’s not all. I can also train a team in social media best practice and safeguarding. I can write the words for your new website or promotional literature. I can join your team to rev up your new project with a lightening bolt of ideas.

You could balk at my unique CV, call me a chameleon or the whole collective of toucans, a Jack of all trades or a wearer of many hats. It all suits me really well! I have absolute confidence in everything that I do and especially in helping small businesses make sense of this dark digital landscape.

Get in touch if you think you might need The Toucan Collective to help your brand. I’ll bring the chameleon.

Or read this pretty decent summary of what makes [me] a good Community Manager.

Sample of creative content created for The Organic Protein Company