Creativity & SEO Blogging

My creativity is a strange thing. Not in a bad way; it is liquid, flowing, constantly moving freely into unexpected places, and full of colour.

That’s why my Idea Machine service is such an important part of what I do – as much for my client as it is for me!

It also means that once a challenge comes my way I am already equipped with multiple creative avenues to go down. I will admit that it helps if the ‘challenge’ is a blog about an amazing holiday I’ve just taken, or something delicious I’m currently eating…

When writing SEO savvy blogs creativity is essential to ensure a natural flow to the text without clunky KEY WORDS screaming at you from the page.

I will often write a one off blog for a brand that fits with my soul at no charge. If you think we could work together then send me a message or take a look at my other services.

Review of Sri Lanka surfing holiday