Outreach: Blogging for the bigger picture

During 2015 and into 2016 I worked with a bold tech start up who had their eyes on the world. The mothership is still going in a new format but the front end expressions of a handful of their concepts are now offline.

In its day, TShare was a fine beast and a welcome creative project amongst the heavier tech documentation that my work involved.

I produced humerous yet informative tutorial posts covering all aspects of using the platform but knew that the blog could work harder for the business.

Here’s a snapshot of how I took the blog up a notch.

WHAT:  TShare was a platform for every type of artist to create & sell their own designs with zero financial outlay. Intricate social integration, built-in design features and a simple path from concept to creation – it was a platform for entrepreneurs.

TARGET:  Beyond populating the platform with in-house designs and organic contributors we needed high quality products being listed, and shared… and we needed more social content for our growing community.

STRATEGY: Artist Outreach.

I developed a featured artist series which involved researching and opening up conversations with independent British illustrators/ artists.

  • We would offer them a guest spot on our blog (perfect social media content) and social mentions plus a discount code for their followers
  • In exchange for 5-10 new product designs on TShare and mutual social sharing

RESULTS: (Over a 4 month period)

  • eight new featured artists
  • each blog post produced a minimum of 10 unique social media posts
  • the additional products led to the creation of further in-house blog posts
  • additional products delivered bountiful multi-platform content
  • artists went on to sell an average of 5 products
  • social sharing across TShare networks increased by 82%

Sometime’s the simplest idea can go further than you expect. If you need help with your concept, social media or some brainstorming company then get in touch with Rachel.



What do you love about designing t-shirts? I’ve been making t-shirts for myself since I was a teenager and I’ve always really enjoyed it. It’s such a direct way for people to engage with design. A t-shirt is quite a universal thing so it’s really accessible.


Your creative Style. 5 words. Go! Hand-printed Wilderness (using) Abstract Pattern (&) Texture



You don’t have to be a master designer to get to grips with our creative editing studio. Over the years we’ve refined this tool to give you the very best of creativity in the very simplest format.